Untitled Poetry

There is a will in every drop of rain,

a desire to kiss earth and perish within,

unspoken words is between hearts,

come and fill those void.


We are motion of emotions,

held by a will of feelings,

blessed by matter, not soul,

fail to see love in roots,

and lament it on the brink.


There is a deep cold silence in air,

It’s hard to find one between rocks,

like a nomad, search is for flame,

while failing to acknowledge it’s within us.



Lost in the midst of crowd,

thy Heart is tender,

bury it in the bed of ocean,

a string of sorrow and happiness lies in same dimension,

look upon the sky & then look into the heart,

close the shades of unbreakable,

close the melancholy from heart.


Sometime moments are illusion,

illusion defies the dream,

behold ! dare to dream,

future must be craved,

the fence of desire and power is mind.

shelter with warmth of love and passion,

feel the fire and light within,

fight the storm and showers,

to see the rainbow of your life.


Weave the string of love around,

fate is the grace of god,

don’t reckon on it all over,

patience is time,

it will define the path,

pursuit is not an answer,

Tis wisdom !


Why meditation is good for health? Why meditation and mindfulness matters for a good well-being?

Meditation is a life changer ! Have you ever thought that meditation and mindfulness can change you life from a stressful life to a better happy life?

No matter how busy your life is or it isn’t, just give few minutes of start of the day to make yourself feel good about it. May be you’re a very busy person who often travel places and have tight schedule of work or a white-collar duty person or a mother who has raised 7 children 😀 or a student like me ! Just give your five to ten minutes of the day ! Don’t neglect it by saying you’re a busy person and can’t give your time. Most of the time we spent thinking, only thinking ! The problem is residing within ourselves as most of us are lazy and cannot compromise with our feelings. Isn’t it?

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Most people enjoy both Coffee and Beer ! Don’t you? But do you know the activity of brain when you consume coffee and beer in a certain amount? Here is the Infographic on Activity of Brain on Beer Vs Coffee !

So are you a creative and an energetic person all day long? 

I love coffee, I usually prefer it during exams, at late night me and my friend used to drink a lot of coffee which made us super active for few hours. You may be a student, teacher, worker, house wife, businessmen, blogger etc.

After you wake up in the morning you might roll up for a coffee? If you do then, doesn’t it make you feel fresh? Doesn’t it makes your mind active? Most of the office workers and student who work till late night drink coffee to make themselves active. Coffee contains a component called caffeine. Caffeine is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant, and is used to reduce physical fatigue and to prevent or treat drowsiness. It produces increased wakefulness, faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination. The amount of caffeine needed to produce these effects varies from person to person, depending on body size and degree of tolerance. Caffeine has the desired effect of delaying/preventing sleep, but does not affect all people in the same way. It also improves performance during sleep deprivation. But too much isn’t good as your body grows tolerance to the stimulus and you might need more to have the same effect. Continue reading “Most people enjoy both Coffee and Beer ! Don’t you? But do you know the activity of brain when you consume coffee and beer in a certain amount? Here is the Infographic on Activity of Brain on Beer Vs Coffee !”

Live At The Present Moment Cause Being Present Makes You Happier (Infographic)


Lord Buddha said “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”. The state of being present makes you happier and there is a reason for it. Continue reading “Live At The Present Moment Cause Being Present Makes You Happier (Infographic)”

Dashain this year

dashain sms2


Finally the day has arrived when our forehead will be decorated with red colored tika known as akshyata (a mixture of rice, yogurt and vermilion) and holy grass (dubo) on the upper helix of pinna or on atop of head along with blessings of elder. The red color in the forehead is the sign of bloodline. Usually the rush of relatives from home to home occur to get the blessing and daksina from elderly people.

Yes my friends, it’s Dashain ! The biggest and most auspicious festival of Hindu in Nepal which marks the victory of good over evil. From the ancient times it has been celebrated all over the world by Hindu people. Usually in Nepal, people gather with family,relatives and enjoy. Socially Dashain has its own importance, as it is the time when distant relatives and friends get chance to meet and enjoy. Most Kids fly kites and play Ping(swing made up of bamboo) and gambling is common from young teenagers to old folks and in this way usually Dashain ends.

Flying kite is a common in Dashain
Ping; a traditional swing made by bamboo

Usually Dashain brings musical events, excitement an bigger celebration but typically this year, our country has faced series of saddening events which brought both positive and negative impacts on the life of people. Since earthquake, Nepal has struggled economically and politically. But socially, mentally and spiritually people have overcome against all odds, no one thought that one day the sense of nationalism and unity in different generation of people will be evolved, the sudden change in the mentality of people has brought harmony in country.

r0_153_3000_1846_w1200_h678_fmax (1)
There is always a hope

After a decade of wait and outcry in politics, the promulgation of new constitution finally occurred which brought another social reforms and unstability within the country. The first thing was the unofficial blockade of fuel and petroleum products by Indian Government which till today is a major problem in day to day life of people; and another a different group of social activist in a region of country fighting for its rights arguably in a negative way. The tourism has largely been affected due to fuel crisis as people are cancelling their route to Nepal.

People celebrating the promulgation of new constitution after a long time
Unofficial blockade by India in borders
Tourism is widely affected this season

During Dashain school and colleges get over 15 days of holiday, this time the holiday was a week or two earlier due to fuel crisis but despite getting off travelling has been a problem, people are using alternate to fight against these problems by using cycles and carpooling for travel with limited supply of fuel and using wood, kerosene instead of gas. Though travelling long way has been a major problem but still cooperation of people with each other and government has settled many hearts. New kinds of electric efficient cars, small van and rickshaws has been bought immediately in country due to fuel crisis.

People taking risks by travelling on roof top
Thousands of people on queue for petrol
A message to Indian Government by people due to unofficial blockade of fuel and products

Though shopping is merely a joke as blockade has bought drought in market. Price of stuffs is on the peak, the harmony among people and the unmovable spirit in the nation has made a positive change in the mind. And its true that nothing can overcome the human spirit, despite facing problem the excitement is not moreover less in hearts and souls of people.

Dashain is for every individual, so this year initiate a program with your friends and relatives to help homeless kids and street people happy by giving them gifts or treat by offering sweets and foods. Your small step can bring smile on their face and the happiness you’ll get in your heart will be priceless. Help homeless people around your city, town or village and become a responsible citizen 🙂

If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love

And atlast I wish Happy Dashain to everyone ! Let’s hope this Dashain brings success, happiness, peace and prosperity to our nation and to all people around the world 🙂

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The story of New Horizon, Pluto and time


At morning I went to the attic, I was searching for a book in an old box, while searching I found my old blue file. It was partly covered with dust, I cleared it and then opened, there I found the collection of articles of about 10-12 years old which I used to cut from the magazines and newspaper. And then I sat down on a muda(handcrafted Nepalese stool) near the room and while going through the articles of those back days, it gave me a nostalgic vibe.

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